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may devotional

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May Devotinal


From the author

This prayer program is goin to be happening all through the month of may… As scripture has rightly cansel that we should pray without season. Luke 18:1 Jesus wasn’t out to game anyone but to bring to the knowledge of all believers that God answers to nothing but prayer.. Pray without ceasings. 1 Thessalonians 5:17… Therefore our presidents/founder at the wildfire ministries Apostles Silvanus s. Mishael… As lead of the spirit has hereby declare one hour night prayer between the our of 12midnight to 1am all through the Mouth of May 2020.starting from d 1st to the 31st of May 2020 let us therefore comply to this spirit enforcement against all authorities all through month as we know that prophets are Gods ordained agent of change to destinies of man kind!

Reviews from our audience


” Wao I have being so blessed with this midnight prayers 🙏 every whildfire connect…. 

Rev MT Daniel"

” Glory to God this prayers are provoked by the holyghost pls everyone stay connected…..  “

Seyi Lekealiqua.

” Wao this is great last week own has really blessed my life sir wildfires please connect to this month own. …  “

Obatomowo Oluwaseun

“Wao this are wonderful prayers pls am downloading it…. Download your own “

Rose Ogunleye